I find magic in witnessing people achieve something big or small and being completely amazed by their success. It changes what they believe they can do forever, and being able to watch it happen is why I coach.

As a coach, I will lead you to a space of imagination, curiosity, and possibility. It is not always comfortable, but with compassion and humor, we explore all the wisdom of your brain, body and heart. In this process new ideas and perspectives emerge.  Often contradictions emerge, and it's in the dissonance where the real awareness emerges. In this space of openness and self-discovery, we'll uncover your values, passions, and strengths and how to honor them. Most importantly, how do you live and lead as your best self?

Understanding matters little without action. I will push you to make change and with time you will push yourself. How did it go? What did you learn?  Is this a new habit? With time the cycle of insight, action, learn, new action, new insight becomes how you live. Although it feels magical at first, the truth is, it’s all about living and leading with purpose instead of being at the mercy of others and events. 

It's not just about wishing to be better – it’s about embodying the change. ​

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